About Us

For The Experience

FTE was never really supposed to be a brand. For that matter, it was never even supposed to become something that anyone outside of our little friend group found out about. It all started when some of us would go to restaurants and not even eat to save money just to hang out with our friends that were eating. "I'll just go for the experience." That eventually stuck and quickly evolved into saying "For The Experience" for everything. Spending our last dollar booking flights to new countries without having a plan let alone a place to stay. Driving across the country sleeping in a car just to ride skateparks and see new places. Living off peanut butter sandwiches just to afford the trips we were going on. It started to become a way of justifying our extremely irrational decisions. Before we knew it we bought a tattoo gun without having any previous experience of tattooing and made those three letters a part of us for life. There was never really a reason or goal to coincide with our traveling. Just a "Why not? Let's do it for the experience." It quickly spread and people we had never even met were saying it and talking about it. It's a simple phrase that encompasses and explains so many people's way of thinking and lifestyle in just three little words.