For The Experience, Volume 1 Book

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This whole project started a little over 4 years when I wanted a home for all the film photos I had strung up on my bedroom walls. The idea of making a zine was in the back of my head and I figured I’d start putting something small together. Soon to realize that I had way more photos I wanted to include than I first presumed. I also wanted to write stories about some of the photos. I was already way past the point of it being a zine and realized I was heading more in the direction of maybe a 200 page soft cover, over-sized magazine type project. Well I have no self control and kept adding photos and kept writing and in turn ended up with the massive hard cover photo book that I present to you today. 419 pages of 35mm film photos shot on the road during BMX trips and backpacking trips around the world over the past 7 years paired with the stories behind some of them. It’s more than I ever expected it to be, but it’s done and I’m happy with it. So if you buy one, thank you. It genuinely means a lot to me. 

-Robert Barranco
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